Finishing What You’ve Started (Days 29-31): Reading through Genesis, Hosea, Psalms, and Matthew

If you’ve been keeping up with your January readings, then once you finish these three days of reading, you’ll have completely read through the Bible books of Genesis, Hosea, and Matthew. Congratulations! That’s roughly 9% of the chapters of the whole Bible (107 of 1,189 chapters). Later this week, you’ll step into Exodus and Luke. As you come to the end of Genesis and Matthew, you’ll come to the end of Jacob’s life and Jesus’ life, but of course, Jesus comes back to life and proves that He’s the Lord.

This week you’ll read…

Genesis 48-50: Jacob blesses his sons and dies in Egypt, far from home. Joseph dies in faith that his father’s family will eventually go back to their home in the Promised Land.

Psalms 13-15: “God, who gets invited to dinner at Your place? How do we get on Your guest list?” (Psalm 15 in The Message Bible) Read this psalm to find out.

Matthew 26-28: You’ll see Jesus anointed, betrayed, denied, crucified, buried, and resurrected. Are you bold in your witness of Christ, or are you denying Him with your lips or lifestyle?

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