Smaller Bites (Days 1-7): Reading through Exodus, Psalms, Micah, Zechariah, and Luke

When my youngest daughter was in preschool, I’d have to get on to her for shoving a whole Chick-fil-A nugget in her little mouth. She couldn’t even close her mouth as she chewed. I tried teaching her to take smaller bites. Taking a big bite out of something is one way to get it done, but we can also take smaller bites. This reading plan can be taken either way, but anyone can jump in each month since every month is a completely new plan with only Psalms bleeding over from month to month. In February, you’ll read completely through Exodus, Micah, Zechariah, and Luke and Psalms 16-30.

This week you’ll read…

Exodus 1-14: God is miraculous, and, in your reading this week, you’ll see for the first time in the Bible God’s use of people in displaying His miracles to the world. Moses is born, leaves Egypt under duress, is called by God at the burning bush, and then goes back to Egypt as God’s agent (with Aaron) of deliverance for His people through the display of God’s might in 10 plagues against Pharaoh and his gods. Ultimately, Pharaoh and his army are destroyed at the Red Sea after the Israelites walk through on dry ground.

Psalms 16-18: “Paint grace-graffiti on the fences” (Psalm 17 in The Message Bible). If you look for God’s grace, you’ll see it displayed everywhere. The souls of redeemed rebels and sinners are often tattooed or tagged with God’s grace-graffiti. Are you looking for people’s imperfections or for God’s grace on display?

Micah 1: It’s easy to get comfortable in our lives and forget God or at least put Him on the backburner, but God is not unresponsive to our complacency and sinfulness.

Luke 1-6: A miracle conception happens for the old couple Zach and Lizzie, and the virgin conception and birth occur to bring the Savior, the ultimate grace-graffiti artist, into the human world. The Artist displays God’s grace, tagging the sick and sinners with God’s grace as He heals, forgives, and teaches.

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