Plans and Reality (Days 22-28): Reading through Genesis, Hosea, Psalms, and Matthew

Have your plans ever met with reality? Life doesn’t coordinate with or make compromises with your expectations. You adjust to life and reality. You may be a Christian, and you may have a close walk with Jesus. However, that doesn’t excuse you from life’s disappointments and fiascoes, yet through it all, you have the opportunity to remain faithful or turn tail and run (but where are you going to run?)

This week you’ll read…

Genesis 37-47: Joseph was Jacob’s favored son, and he had a special gift of dreams and of annoying his brothers with them. God’s hand was on this young man who desired to please God above all else, but at times it seemed like God’s hand was against him. However, God had big picture plans for this man which included putting him through the fire to accomplish His purposes.

Hosea 11-14: You’ll finish Hosea this week. Congratulations!

Psalms 10-12: Have you ever felt like God wasn’t paying attention to you? “God, are You avoiding me? Where are you when I need You?” (Psalm 10 in The Message Bible) If we could see the whole picture, we’d see that God knows it all and is aware of it all and that He has it all in control and will work it according to His master plan.

Matthew 20-25: You’ll hear Jesus teach through parables, scold pompous religious leaders, and prophesy about the temple and the end times. Are you ready for Jesus’ return?

Daily readings are linked to The Message Bible on

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